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Hotel Darcet - Paris - Park Monceau

Hôtel Darcet - Hotel Paris

Park Monceau
In 1769, the Duke of Chartres, future Duke of Orleans, made build close to the village of Heap a "folie". The drauwer and author of Carmontelle comedies, helped of a landscape designer Thomas Blaikie, created an imaginary garden with false Gothic ruins, a Dutch mill, a Tartar tent, a pagoda, an Egyptian pyramid... The garden was a place of curiosities in the open air revealing the attractions of nature and civilization. October 22, 1797, it is in this park that the first parachutist of the history, A. Garnerin sprang since a montgolfier.

In 1860, at the time of the fastening of the village of Heap in Paris, half of the park was sold to the Péreire brothers by the town of Paris in order to build private mansions.
Second half was refitted in landscaped garden by Alphand on behalf of the Haussmann prefect, and was issued park. Along the its quiet alleys, the park preserved beautiful statues, its Egyptian pyramid - work of Carmontelle -, its Naumachie...
The park also has many infrastructures for young people: swings, toboggans, vats with sand, cycle tracks...
Hotel Darcet - Paris - Champs-Elysées
In 1804 Napoleon 1st gave a magnificent reception here on the occasion of his marriage to Marie-Louise. From the end of the 19th century the gardens of the Champs-Elysées welcomed walkers who had come to enjoy the leisures offered by the Avenue that had become a showcase for progress. From the Bal Mabille to the Lido, from the Café des Ambassadeurs to Fouquet's, from the Panorama to the theaters walkers can discover the latest evolutions in technology, industry, automobiles or the cinema.
Hotel Darcet - Paris - The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower
Set up as 1889 by Gustave Eiffel on the occasion of the World Fair, the speedboat of which she was, the Eiffel Tower, of its 350 metres high, stays the up Paris in the edges of the Seine.
Hotel Darcet - Paris - Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral
Monument impressing, Notre Dame dominates all the religious architecture of the Ile-de-France. The works of construction begin in 1163 to end 200 years later (in 1345 exactly).
The exhaltation of romantic Victor Hugo, through his novel " Notre Dame de Paris", allowed the whole world to discover the cathedral.

What strikes generally the guests it is the facade consisted of majestic doors and stained glasses in the form of rosettes, but also these strange statues, among the saints, that we name collectively "gargoyles", and what gives the feeling that they are going to fly away.
To describe facades and the body of the monument would be too exhaustive: meeting on the Island of the Town and contemplate one of the most beautiful cathedrals of France.

Hôtel Darcet - Hotel Paris

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